IBIZA 2008 (New) - 7 აპრილში 2008 - საუკეთესო ვარეზ პორტალი
შაბათი, 2017-03-25, 0:49 AM
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Main » 2008 » აპრილი » 7 » IBIZA 2008 (New)
IBIZA 2008 (New)
1:31 PM

გავჩითე და აგიტვირთეთ, ნახეთ რა პროსტა რა ფართებია უცხოეთში ამას რო ვუყურე გავგიჟდიცმეთქი მინდაააააა მაგარია ყველა ვიწერთ აბაა.ოღონდ 18+_ებისთვის პატარებმა არ გადმოწეროთ .......
Ibiza clubs and their frantic and hedonistic nightlife, that's what made Ibiza island absolutely famous.
Everybody wants to be seen here, the rich & famous, young & trendy and the most outrageous and extravagant individuals, they all love Ibiza Clubs.
Apparently there is no division between nightlife and daylife on Ibiza. One party ends but the other one starts and people seem to live in shifts with 'night- & daylife crew'.
Party animals spend their whole holiday partying in Ibiza clubs at night and sleeping on the beaches at daytime.
Ibiza accomodates some of Europe’s most advanced state-of-the-art high-tech super clubs.
With famous DJ’s from all over the world spinning their records and lots of celebrities perform and party in the Ibiza clubs.
Live music can also be enjoyed again on a regular basis!
Do keep in mind that most of the Ibiza clubs have a dresscode which means men also are refused for being bare-chested... and another thing....don't bring your camera you will have to leave it in deposit for each club has its very own photographer.
2008 Started with bad news for the partypeople, openinghours are finally restricted !!
Ibiza authorities want to end 24 hours non stop partying on the island and so do its inhabitants.

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